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Water is life” in Bangladesh.  Mythology, ancient sciences, folklore, and language provide a rich cultural foundation sustaining villagers’ water-related beliefs and practices.Large parts of the study area face the daunting challenge of arsenic in the water supply.

REVIEWS of Water Culture in South Asia

  "Water Culture in South Asia is fascinating and enlightening. The five authors give a complete ethnographic perspective and argue persuasively for including women in water related decision-making." - Dr. Gisele Maynard-Tucker, Women's Studies, UCLA

   "For GWA this is an important book, here for our programme in Bangladesh, but also for everybody involved in water management, and with interest in the way women and men manage their water for various purposes.  - Joke Mulwijk, Executive Director, Gender and Water Alliance

  "Water doesn’t stand alone, it is interconnected. The authors' poignant portrayal of the waterscapes of Bangladesh -- with its rivers, streams, canals, tubewells, ponds, lakes and wetlands, floods, chars, deltas, waterlogged landscapes -- illustrate how water flows with - as well as against - the daily currents of social interactions." - Dr. Sue Cavill, Waterlines 

   "Even though the focus of this book is Bangladesh, its lessons hold true forIndia and Pakistan as well, another strong indicationof how each of them share a common culture." Professor Bidyut Mohanty (Head, Women's Studies, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi), Social Change